Organic coffee is different from regular coffee due to the special attention is given to its cultivation. The harvesting is made in a natural way on soil enriched with minerals without the use of pesticides and chemical.
Latin America and Africa, where the soil contains many volcanic compounds, are the roots of organic coffee.

The benefits of organic coffee:

• Coffee enemas help people with biliary tract diseases, liver affections, digestive disorders, low energy, autoimmune diseases, and cancer because digestive tract enzymes don’t interact with nutrients before they reach the liver.
• Organic coffee is an ally in the fight with pounds because caffeine naturally removes the feeling of an empty stomach, often accompanied by growling or churning and helps the body eliminating toxins.
• It helps the immune system, being rich in antioxidants (essential nutrients).
• Green coffee increases the production of glutathione concentrated in the liver.
• Organic coffee contains a larger amount of caffeine than the regular one.
• It keeps all the antioxidant properties, having many vitamins and nutrients compared to regular coffee.
• Flavor and taste are better due to the slow maturation of the beans compared to the flavor of coffee with pesticides.
• Caffeine improves blood circulation in blood vessels in the brain, counteracting brain malfunctions. Decaffeinated coffee has diuretic properties and prevents nephrolithiasis. Caffeine prevents the elimination of water at the cellular level and destroys fat cells.
• It reduces the risk of diabetes by 54% in men and by 30% in women.
• The risk of getting Parkinson’s disease is much lower for those who consume organic coffee.
• It’s a good energizing and antidepressant.
• It has relaxing properties and adjusts tension.
• Daily consumption decreases the risk of kidney stone and lessens asthma crises.

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