The GREEN MAYA story began in 2012 when its founder visited Panama City in Panama for the first time. What was supposed to be just a relaxing holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world planted the seed for what would become a global business that caters to the most refined tastes and saves the world from mediocre coffee.

A year later, the seed took root. The first visit to one of the remotest and most splendid regions in Guatemala turned into a real love-story with organic coffee.

Drinking organic specialty coffee is already one of the most delightful experiences you can enjoy. Being able to witness where it stems from—the richness of the soil and loving care of the farmers— takes it to a whole new level.

Just imagine the deft fingers of the dawn pulling the blanket of darkness away from over the high-altitude plateaus in utter silence. The night creatures of the forest withdraw into the shadow while humans, animals, and plants alike welcome the day with joy and gratitude. Birds chirp merrily while the first rays of sun drink the dew still fresh on every green leaf with a tender caress. Men and women dressed in colorful clothes head towards the plantation, where they will hand pick bright deep red coffee cherries.

It is then that we realized that there is more to organic coffee than amazing taste and incredible health benefits and decided to embark on a journey that will save the world from mediocre coffee.

Organic specialty coffee is a masterpiece created by the joint efforts of Mother Earth and man. Every man and woman on this planet deserves to enjoy it. Coffee lovers are becoming more demanding and sophisticated, and they are looking for unique coffee cups. We’re here to fulfill their needs and provide them a large selection of organic single origin coffee and specialty coffee grade.

Since National Geographic listed organic specialty coffee as one of the top Mayan foods, we decided to pay respect to its origin by picking a name —GREEN MAYA—and a logo—a Mayan ritual mask—that would reflect its nobility and roots.

We started our adventure in Los Angeles, California, by bringing together a team of business and coffee experts that could turn our plan and vision into something tangible.

Then we returned to the mountains of South America to look for the best organic premium coffee sources that would also cater to our core values of supporting the local communities, preserving the indigenous cultures, and protecting the environment. Coffee is traditionally grown in the mountains of Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, and a few other Central American countries. These coffee beans are among the finest in the world and it’s easy to see why these coffees are known as the gateway to great coffee.

We partnered and built strong business relationships with coffee market companies, indigenous coffee growers (Mayans, Incas, Colombian indigenous tribes) and coffee farm owners from the Central and South America to secure the supply of more than 20 single origin specialty organic coffees.

We also created GREEN MAYA COLOMBIA LTDA (the branch of the mother corporation – GREEN MAYA INC), which secures the supply of highest-quality organic coffees from four major coffee-growing regions across Colombia The office located in Bogota negotiates all coffee contracts directly with major Associations and family-owned farms (Fincas, Haciendas).

Back on the USA West Coast, we found reliable partners that would help us roast and premium package our delicious organic specialty coffee beans and ship them worldwide. We also made our premium products available on Amazon US and Amazon Europe.

We also joined the Los Angeles Farmers Markets family, where daily we attract new coffee lovers into our luxury signature GREEN MAYA Coffee Shop and convert them into recurring customers. Our GREEN MAYA Coffee Shop is an oasis of wellbeing and relaxation in a luxury environment where drinking coffee becomes a ritual. It is a place where can also taste our other delicious organic products that make such a good companion for coffee such as organic dried fruits or sweets made with Panela as well as natural juices.

Our customers say that love our delicious organic specialty coffee not only because of its taste but also because it’s created with love. They’re right, and this is just the beginning of our story.

We’re here for the long haul because we believe can help people find and appreciate healthier organic options over the lower quality and cost options our competitors offer. We also believe in natural products that empower people to lead healthier lives. We’re passionate about ethically sourcing the finest coffee beans, roasting them with great care and improving the lives of people who grow them.

We’re striving to achieve our goals and ensure our brand becomes a signature of natural, palatable, and contemporary and a sign of our commitment to our clients.

Thank you for embarking with us on this journey and making a difference!