If you dream of owning a coffee shop where organic meets upscale, consider becoming our partner. For those interested in turning into creators of unique life experiences, we offer a state-of-the-art fresh concept that links the sale of the GREEN MAYA products to the art of drinking coffee and a healthy lifestyle in a luxury environment.

The GREEN MAYA Café stands out through its premium design and quality of its products – offering the number one organic specialty coffee in the world. It is the place where our organic specialty coffee truly shines as the jewel on the crown among other organic healthy products such as organic dried and fresh fruits—mango, banana, pineapple, dragon fruit, golden berry, tea and in-house made bakery products prepared with organic ingredients such as Panela and organic cacao beans. Our rich-flavored premium organic beans cultivated in the finest high-altitude farms in South America, are freshly ground, and morph into an elixir of pleasure that takes the customer on a journey across the continents.

Here, at GREEN MAYA, we know that ambiance plays a crucial role in the way people perceive and interact with products. That’s why we partnered with top architects from Switzerland and Italy to create the best setting for our customers and clients; the GREEN MAYA Café is the place where elements of the ancient Mayan culture and designer interior decorations come together into a modern look and unforgettable feel meant to bring delight and pleasure even to the most sophisticated and demanding customers. Our main brand colors—forest green and gold— combine with brown and recreate the ambiance of the Amazonian forest. The coffee aficionado is taken away from the tumult and stress of the everyday light into an oasis of wellbeing and elegance that caters to their five senses.

The GREEN MAYA Café is the place to go for those who want to enjoy the taste of organic specialty coffee prepared by a professional, unwind together with friends, or have a business meeting. They are trendsetters and successful people who appreciate premium things and experiences, pursue a healthy living lifestyle, are eco-conscious and love premium coffee.


The secret to any long-lasting successful business relationship is trust, support, and transparency. Therefore, our dedicated team will assist you throughout the whole process, before, during and after opening your own GREEN MAYA Café.

This includes assisting you with designing and organizing the space, and connecting you with the best suppliers to help you create an ambiance that best reflects your identity and that of the GREEN MAYA brand. We will also provide the necessary training for your staff so you can offer your clients a highly memorable experience that will make them come back again and again.

Because we strive for long-term relationships, we will provide ongoing consulting so that you can always be up to speed with all the innovations and developments of the brand.


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